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When individuals are no longer able to care for themselves, manage their affairs, decide their own medical procedures, or pay their utilities, a guardian or conservator is necessary.  


If you or a loved one are faced with such daunting challenges, contact Gould Law Firm. We can help navigate the court procedures for appointing a guardian or conservator to help take care of the individual who can no longer manage on their own.  

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Deceased Estates

The loss of a loved one is challenging and emotional. The intimidation of court procedures

can compound this hard experience.


Survivors may wonder who will pay the bills, who decides how the money is split, what happens when relatives disagree, and what about the estate tax?  


Whether your loved one has a Will or Trust, or no plan at all, we strive to provide compassion and practical advice to help guide you through this challenging time. Contact Gould Law Firm today to start your journey to peace of mind.

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